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GA01AZ - Camporosso


MUNICIPALITY OF CAMPOROSSO, in Terre Bianche locality PROPOSAL agricultural company total area 36.300 square meters, of which 16,000 are cultivated with olive groves and 1200 vineyards, the remaining woods and uncultivated. The area is located on the right side of the Nervia stream upstream between the villages of Camporosso and Dolceacqua at the altitude of 370 above sea level. In particular, the area has been over time strongly transformed into terracing contained by dry stone walls of varying height. Beyond a land within the company there is a building now direct, for geometric construction, size, and use would certainly have been built in several stages between the fifteenth and the century period when agricultural development was at its maximum. It consists of three distinct units. The earliest first is the one in which the thicker and better finished walls denote a massive stone and lime building. The other two units added are those of an older structure and a third that is that of the oven with opening outside.
Also complete the property, three separate lots. Lot number 1 - house of about 65 square meters of housing and 65 square meters of garage, lot number 2 - villa on a single level of square meters 65 housing and lot number 3-building land.
There is the possibility of buying the three separate lots.

498,000 EUR
Energetic Class
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